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Challenging and Fun Learning

Authentic Cultural Experience

Vibrant and Caring Community

Join Us For Online and In-Person Hula Classes!

We help people experience the rich culture of Hawai’i through hula dance instruction and educational events in Beaverton, Oregon and are now able to further our reach across the U.S. and around the world through ONLINE classes and events.

Do You Yearn For The Aloha Spirit?

Hawai’i holds a special place in your heart. But living somewhere else makes it hard to find a way to satisfy that yearning.

Without a place to experience the community and connection you can only find in Hawaiian Culture, you remain unfulfilled, feeling lonely and disconnected .

Everyone should have a community that feels like family.

Our students can now experience that feeling no matter where they live.  Our In-person classes are taught in Beaverton, Oregon and we offer all of our classes Online.

In-Person & Online Classes For Everyone

Adult Hula Classes

We welcome adult hula students of all levels of experience.

New adult hula students are accepted the first class of each month.

Kids (Keiki) Hula Classes

We love kids! We offer hula classes for children (keiki) starting at age 3. We do ask that they are able to participate in the class by themselves.

New students are accepted the first class of each session.

Tahitian Dance and Drumming Classes

Our Tahiitian Dance class is a great workout! Focusing on building strong leg muscles for basic Tahitian steps, we practice routines appropriate for both children and adults.

Open to children 6 years old and older and to all adults.

Here’s How We Do It

1. Sign Up For a Class

We’ll help you find the right class for you, where you can learn at your level.

2. Start Learning

Hula is not just about learning a dance form – it is a rich Hawaiian cultural experience.  You’ll have opportunities for you and your whole family to experience the aloha spirit found in Hawaiian culture.

3. Keep Growing

There are many layers to learn hula and we start with the hula basics steps – the foundation.  Add the next layer after you’re confident in your basics.  There will always be more opportunities to explore and learn.

A lot of people who have been influenced by Hawaiian culture,
still long for that connection.

We help people reconnect to the Hawaiian experience
through the instruction and cultural programming in a community where everyone is family.

"Joining this halau has been an absolute joy. I appreciate the mixture of professionalism, fun, physical challenge and mental challenge offered in the hula classes."


– Nina Nightshade

"Hula brings me lots of joy and fun in rainy Portland. I can’t live without hula now."


– Kanami Rose Kurosaki

"The Halau is a fantastic group of people who love the Hawaiian culture. I recommend it, especially to the young teenagers."


– Shanie Zaborowski

What Makes Us Different

At Hula Halau ‘Ohana Holo’oko’a, we know that you want to be a connected practitioner of Hawaiian culture. In order to do that, you need to experience the culture of Hawai’i by learning Hula.

The problem is, it’s difficult to find a school of Hula outside of Hawai’i. Which makes you feel discouraged, unfulfilled, and disconnected. We believe everyone should be able to be a part of in a Hawaiian cultural community.

We understand how discouraging and unfulfilling it is. This is why Founder, Lisa Chang, created a school of Hula. She has applied her 30 plus years of study and instruction to create a school of Hula, where everyone is family.

Ohana means family. It’s in our name and It’s entwined into the fabric of our school.

Here’s how you can be a part of it:

  1. Sign up for a class today.

    We’ll help you find the right class for you, where you can learn at your level

  2. Start learning.

    You’ll have opportunities for you and your whole family to experience the richness and friendships found in Hawaiian culture.

  3. Keep growing.

    As you continue to participate, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and explore. And you can enjoy the feeling of being part of a family.

So, sign up today. Stop wishing you had a place to belong and instead, start experiencing that fulfilling connection of family and community.

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