Class Information

Hula Hālau ‘Ohana Holo‘oko‘a welcomes Hula students of all levels of experience.

Students with prior Hula experience will be placed in a beginning Hula class
and may be invited to move to a more advanced class.

Tuition and Fees

Try a Class!:

$25 to try a class and if you enroll within 1 week it will be applied toward your registration fee.

Upcoming Trial Classes:


  • Intro To Hula (55+): Thursday, July 18th. Please arrive by 8:45am to register.
  • Beginning Adult Hula: Thursday, July 25th. Please arrive by 7:15pm to register.
  • Keiki Hula: Sunday, September 15th. Please arrive by 2:15pm to register.
  • Tahitian Dance: Sunday, September 15th. Please arrive by 3:45pm to register.
  • Tahitian Drumming: Sunday, September 15th. Please arrive by 6:15pm to register.

Registration Fee:

$50 for all new and returning students (not enrolled the previous month/session)

Adult Intro to Hula:

$40/month for our kupuna 65 years and older

Adult Hula:

$40/month for our kupuna 65 years and older

Beginning Hula Precision Group:

(must be enrolled in the beginning class)

Kupuna Hula (55+):

$40/month for our kupuna 65 years and older

Kupuna Hula (55+) Precision Group:

(must be enrolled in the Kupuna class)

Keiki (kids) Hula:

$150/12-week session

Tahitian Dance:

Students not enrolled in hula:
$150/12-week session

Current hula students
$50/12-week session

Tahitian Drumming:

Students not enrolled in hula or Tahitian dance:
$60/month or $150/12 week session

Current hula and/or Tahitian dance students:
$20/month or $50/12 week session

Single Group Class Fee:


Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available throughout the week during day and evening hours.
$35/half hour for 1 person

$50/hour for 1 person
$35/hour each for 2 people
$25/hour each for 3-5 people

After notifying us by e-mail or phone that you plan on joining us, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class to fill out a registration form. Registration, tuition and your uniform fee should be paid in advance so your uniform and packet will be ready for you.

Hālau Uniform:

All students of Hula Hālau ‘Ohana Holo‘oko‘a are required to purchase the Hālau Uniform and wear it to class every week.
The Hālau Uniform consists of a Hālau T-shirt and Hālau pa‘u skirt for females, and a Hālau T-shirt and black shorts for males.
Refund Policy: Tuition, uniform, costume & registration fees are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

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